Thursday, November 29

Sort of like a highway.  Almost.

It was off to a worksite in Long Island City today.  “Long Island City” may be a confusing moniker because it’s actually located in Queens, not in Nassau or Suffolk counties.  While Queens (and Brooklyn) are geographically part of Long Island, they generally are not included within the political/cultural/social definition of the term.  And then there’s the fact that Long Island City is a neighborhood rather than a city per se.

But whatever.  I wanted to get to the worksite by seven, so I left home at 5:30, figuring that the morning traffic would be light enough for me to make the trip in 90 minutes.  Some surprising heavy traffic on the Long Island Expressway just west of the city line, which turned out to be the result of a crash partially blocking the right lane, got me concerned that I’d be late.  My route would require driving for close to a mile on Queens Boulevard, which is chock-full of traffic lights.  What turned out to be a pleasant surprise is the fact that the lights are timed so that Queens Boulevard is almost a limited access highway notwithstanding the lights.  I had to stop only twice in the mile-long stretch and made it to the worksite in time.

Getting home was more difficult.  Queens Boulevard was okay, but there was a long backup on the Expressway entrance ramp and then a very long stretch of slow traffic between exits 53 and 61.  Even though I had left the worksite just before 3:00, hoping to beat the worst of rush hour traffic, it took me about two and a half hours to get home, almost an hour longer than the morning’s trip.

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