Tuesday, December 4

Can’t explain the morning

I had no reason to expect that my drive to today’s worksite would be anything too bad.  It was in central Queens, not too far last Thursday’s location, though in an unfamiliar part of the borough.   Thursday’s trip took under 90 minutes.  This morning, in contrast, it took me just over two hours even though most of the route was the same (including getting off the Long Island Expressway at Woodhaven Boulevard).  There was no one obvious thing that caused it to be such an unpleasant drive, just a collection of small delays here and there that added up to something very annoying indeed.

Getting home was much easier, mainly because I was on the road by 2:15 and therefore beat the bulk of rush hour.  Things were getting a bit heavy near (where else?) Exit 38 and then in the exit 55-57 area, but I really can’t complain.

Next week will be my last week of doing these one-day assignments in Brooklyn and Queens.  After a break for Christmas, right after New Year’s I will resume my pattern of going to sites for three or four weeks at a time.  These will include sites in Westchester and Connecticut, which will translate into a lot more driving – in terms of distance at least, the driving times won’t always be that much more.  I probably could switch to the Brooklyn-Queens assignments on a permanent basis if I want, though because these assignments would be four rather than five days a week I won’t make as much money.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t be putting such horrendous mileage on my car, especially since two of the eight Brooklyn-Queens locations can be reached by transit.  Decisions, decisions …

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