Thursday, December 6

An easy end to the week

Today’s assignment was at a location in central Queens not far off the Jackie Robinson Parkway.  I’d been there a few weeks ago and had no trouble at all on either leg of the trip.  Nothing was different today. Morning traffic on the Long Island Expressway, the Grand Central Parkway and the Jackie Robinson Parkway was remarkably light, indeed so light that I thought for a while that I’d forgotten today was a holiday.  It wasn’t, traffic really was that light.  Getting home wasn’t much worse, it helped that I was driving mostly before the start of rush hour, though there were some rubbernecking delays near Exit 61 where several police cars were surrounding a stopped car.  I wonder what was the story about that.

I’d mentioned in an earlier posting that I would have a choice of going back to my normal 5-day-a-week, long-distance-driving work after the holidays, or staying with the 4-day-a-week, shorter-distance assignments that I’ve been doing since early November.  After quite a bit of consideration I’ve decided to stick with the usual stuff despite the longer workweek and extra driving.  In part it’s because of the extra pay, and in part it’s because that assignment offers more potential for advancement.  It’s good to come to a final decision.

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