Wednesday, December 19 – Thursday, December 20

Finally, no more excuses

Wednesday was Christmas shopping day for me, at the Union Square holiday bazaar.  I’ve been going to that off and on for at least ten years, though not for the past few, and it’s far above what the term “holiday bazaar” might connote.  It has well over a hundred booths selling artisanal crafts of all types and a blessed absence of the sort of mass-produced schlock like you’ll see at all sorts of fairs and carnivals.   The organizer, an outfit called Urban Space, is obviously very particular when it comes to allowing vendors to rent booths, and while on the subject I shudder to imagine what the booth rental charge must be.

I had been planning to take the train, but instead I drove into Queens and parked at the premises of one of the businesses where I’d worked a couple of weeks ago.  As I left home around 9:30 I missed rush hour and was in Queens in not too much over an hour.  I then had about a five-minute walk to the 46th Street station of the R train, which runs right to Union Square.  Again continuing with the post-rush hour motif, the train wasn’t too crowded and I got a seat.  It was about a 20-minute ride to Union Square, during which time I continued to read The Bannings on my trusty cell phone free Kindle app (I should pay money for a Kindle device, why?)

Despite it being a workday the bazaar was quite crowded, so crowded in fact that at times it was difficult to move through the (admittedly narrow) aisles between the rows of booths.  It was a predominately female and young-ish crowd, with many people seeming to be in very good spirits.  A nice contrast to the constant doom-and-gloom that both the mainstream media and the blogosphere are thrusting on us.  In about 90 minutes I was able to do most of my Christmas shopping and also had a very good Belgian waffle with a hazelnut sauce.   Another quick ride on the R to Queens, and another almost-quick ride home on the Expressway.  I say “almost quick” because the overhead signs were warning of a road closure at Exit 65, one exit before my usual one, and fearing long traffic backups I got off at Exit 62 and took side roads the rest of the way.  It turns out that there had been a multivehicle pileup at Exit 68 that resulted in one death and many injuries.

Wednesday evening I finally cast off the excuses and made it to the gym.  I wanted to do some back work, but the T-bar row apparatus was in use, so instead I went back to an old favorite and and one-arm dumbbell rows, 5 x 8 with a 100-pound dumbbell.  Not having done this exercise in several months I had forgotten just how hard it is, much more so than T-bar rows.  While I had some trouble maintaining a proper grip I made it through all the sets and was satisfied with my performance.

In contrast to my busy Wednesday, Thursday was a whole lot of nothing.  Most of the day I web-surfed and did some Kindle reading, a quick trip to the supermarket for cat food being the highlight of the day.  Fortunately I did find the motivation to make it to the gym for some bench presses: 6 x 135, 6 x 185, 6 x 225, 4 x 235, 3 x 245, 1 x 255, 4 x 225, 8 x 185, 10 x 135.  While I was a bit mad at myself afterwards for not going for a fourth at 245, it was the first time I’d gone as high as 255 in almost a year, so that’s good.


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