Wednesday, December 26 – Friday, December 28

I’m glad I downloaded that Kindle app


I’m bored.  Now that Christmas is over I don’t know what to do with myself.  It’s funny, the prospect of getting time off from work is fun in the abstract, especially when you have long workdays like I sometimes do, but when you’re actually sitting at home with little to do …

Fortunately this is the last idle week for me.  Next week I’ll be down in Florida on a family visit, and the week after that I should be returning to work.  Meanwhile I tried to occupy myself the best I could, watching mostly junk on television (forgive the redundancy), running various errands, and reading on my phone’s Kindle app.  I finished reading The Bannings by Raw Sawhill and Polly Frost, a very entertaining story from start to finish.  I’ll try to get around to writing a more detailed review for the Amazon page.  Next up is Languages of the World by Asya Pereltsvaig, who like Ray and Polly is from my Facebook friends list.  It’s actually a textbook but make for interesting reading, especially since I’ve always been interested by the whole variety of language.

I made it to the gym a couple of times, on Wednesday and Friday.  Wednesday I did Hammer Strength MTS seated shoulder presses, 5 x 8 x 100/100, and some light benching, 6 x 135, 6 x 185, 4 x 225, 8 x 185, 10 x 135.  Friday wasn’t a very focused session, mostly I just diddled around on some leg and back machines.

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