Saturday, December 29 – Friday, January 4


I had to make a fairly last-minute trip to Florida to take care of some issues, which meant no gym-going, but I’m back and eager to return to the gym.  I do have a few observations that are relevant to what I experienced these past few days:

1. The lack of mass transit to LaGuardia airport is a big annoyance, as the Q33 bus to the (relatively) near-by Roosevelt Avenue subway station is not an adequate substitute even though it works sort of okay.

2.  The airport at Charlotte, where I changed planes both coming and going, is vast and extremely busy, not to mention absolutely jammed with passengers.  Yet if you took away the US Airways flights, it would be  a backwater with hardly any traffic.  It is the ultimate case of putting all your eggs in one basket.

3. Speaking of US Airways, it is most annoying to hear the flight attendants shilling for some “affinity” credit card that gets you all sort of frequent-flier miles with your purchases.  When loud annoying commercials come on television you can change the channel or mute the sound.  What are you supposed to do on an airliner at 30,000 feet, parachute out?


Addendum:  not long after returning on Friday afternoon I got some very welcome news.  When my seasonal work break ends in a couple of weeks I will not have to make hugely long drives to customer locations in Connecticut and upstate.  I’ll instead be assigned to Long Island locations.  This comes as a major relief.


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