Thursday, January 10 – Friday, January 11

Welcome news

I got a telephone call with some very welcome news.  Up until getting the call I’d been under the assumption that I’d be returning to work with a Long Island team on January 28.  The operations manager who called me said that due to various delays, the team wouldn’t be able to start until late February.  That part was not welcome news, as that long of a delay would start to hurt in a financial sense.  Not to mention the fact that I’d be going nuts with boredom.

What the manager said next, however, was a whole lot more pleasant.  As the company doesn’t want to leave me adrift for so long, starting next Monday (1/14) I’ll be able to work on a different team until my regular (well, new) one is ready to go.  As with the team that I was on in November and early December, the team that I’ll be on temporarily will work Monday through Thursday, with Fridays off, and will rotate among eight work locations on a daily basis.  Not working on Fridays will obviously mean a 20% reduction in income, but I can deal with that.  The locations are in the Bronx and the bordering parts of Westchester, which generally won’t be too bad in driving terms, probably on par with the Queens and Brooklyn locations where I worked last month.  The one downside is that I’ll have to pay the (obscene) tolls on the Throgs Neck Bridge, yes I get reimbursed for the (obscene) tolls, but it’s the principle of the thing.

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