Wednesday, January 16 – Thursday, January 17

Weather, it’s a funny thing

Let’s consider what these days had in common.  The workplaces (Mamaroneck on Wednesday, Mount Vernon on Thursday) were within about five miles of each other, and on each day I left home around 5:45.  Neither day was a holiday of any sort, that might affect traffic volume, and as they were midweek days they generally can be expected to have more consistent traffic flows that would Mondays or Fridays.  Given all these factors, it would be quite reasonable for me to expect that my morning trips should have taken just the same amount of time each day, right?

As you’ve undoubtedly guessed by now, things weren’t the same at all.  The weather on Wednesday morning wasn’t too nice, rain with wet snow, and by the time I got to Mamaroneck there was a slushy inch or so on the ground.  Not too nice – but by no stretch of the imagination was it dangerous.  Which did not matter in the least.  In a stark illustration of the fragility of our transportation system, traffic was extremely slow most of the way, with more-than-occasional dead stops.  All it took was a few timid drivers to slow just a bit, and this caused a cascade of slowdowns that made for a miserable trip.  It took me over two hours to cover the 60-mile trip, which I will point out is almost entirely on limited-access highways.

Thursday couldn’t have been more different.  With clear weather, traffic zoomed right along, and I made it to Mount Vernon in about an hour and ten minutes.  As I had to wait awhile before starting work, I had ample opportunity to ponder the fundamental idiocy of so many drivers.  Getting home on Thursday was a breeze, taking just over an hour, Wednesday having been about ten minutes longer.


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