Monday, January 21

The benefits of a holiday

Today was a regular workday for me, despite the MLK Day holiday, but as you might guess I still benefited thanks to lighter-than-usual traffic.  Especially since today’s workplace was in the western part of the Bronx and therefore required a fairly lengthy drive through busy areas.

Traffic on the Long Island Expressway was, in my best estimate, around 75% of the level normally encountered that time of the morning.  I had gotten underway around 6:00 and was at the Queens-Nassau line in about 45 minutes.  There was a very, very slight slowdown around Exit 39, much less than normally would be the case.  I’d been considering taking the Throgs Neck Bridge to the Bruckner Expressway to the Major Deegan Expressway, but as the message signs on the Long Island Expressway were indicating a quick ride through Queens I decided to keep going until I got to the Grand Central Parkway right by Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.  Getting from the Expressway to the GCP requires a bit of weaving on a poorly designed (what a surprise!) ramp, which would be a daunting task on a regular workday.  Today it was no trouble, and I encountered no slowdowns on the GCP or across the Triboro Bridge to the Deegan.   The trip took about 1:15, for a distance of around 60 miles.

As I got out of work early in the afternoon I decided to take the Deegan to the Bruckner and then to the Throgs Neck Bridge.  Strange as it may seem, there’s something interesting about driving on the Bruckner, as it passes through gritty industrial areas.  I began to regret my decision when I encountered a very long line of traffic approaching the bridge, fortunately I was able to bypass some of it by exiting at Harding Avenue and then immediately re-entering right before the (obscene) toll booths.  That’s a useful maneuver that alas cannot be used after 4pm or after 12 noon on Fridays, as the Harding Avenue entrance is closed at those time.  Traffic over the bridge was very sluggish, I believe due to some earlier construction activity, which caused a few worries as I was extremely low on gas.  I made it across without running out, and got gas at a station I like on Northern Boulevard.  Not counting the gas stop, the return trip took about 1:30.

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