Tuesday, January 22 – Wednesday, January 23

Weather overreaction

Really, enough is enough.  It had snowed a bit on Monday night, maybe two to three inches where I am, but rapidly diminishing as you headed west in Suffolk County and all but gone by the Nassau line.  While there was still some snow on the side streets when I left a little before six in the morning, the Expressway was completely clear and dry.  Absolutely nothing that should slow down traffic at all.    Well the joke was on me.  Apparently the fact that there had been some snow in some places several hours earlier was enough to make people stomp on their brake pedals like they were making wine the old-fashioned way.  Let me repeat, there was NO reason for such hyper-cautious driving, none whatsoever.

The drive to New Rochelle, just under 60 miles, took me nearly two hours, which is beyond absurd. And it would have been worse had I taken the Cross Island Parkway, as the entrance ramp from the Expressway was completely jammed.  I dealt with moderately heavy Expressway traffic for a couple more exits and got the Clearview to the Throgs Neck Bridge.  Fortunately, when I left the worksite in the early afternoon the morning’s paranoia had diminished, and the return trip was just over one hour.

Traffic on Thursday morning started out okay.  As I approached Exit 57, however, the overhead sign warned that two lanes were closed at Exit 46 due to a crash.  Traffic normally gets fairly busy in that area, and with two lanes down it was sure to be a nightmare.  I got off at Exit 53 and took the Northern State Parkway, figuring that would be a better alternative.  Indeed, when it crossed under the Expressway just west of the Nassau line, shortly before the crash site, I could plainly see that Expressway traffic was at a standstill.

Which did not mean that things would be a breeze for me, however, as the signs on the Northern State were warning of heavy traffic further ahead, no doubt from alternate volume.  In fact there was a time estimate of 31 minutes to the Cross Island, which at that point was a distance of less than 15 miles.  In what I have to say was a brilliant stroke of genius I got off the Northern State at the South Oyster Bay Road exit, drove north for not even a half-miles, and rejoined the Expressway just past the crash site.  Traffic was just fine, and I made it to the worksite in the north end of the Bronx in about 1:20.  Getting home was slower, about 1:45, because I left later in the afternoon than usual and had to deal with some moderate rush hour slowdowns on the Expressway at the usual places.

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