Wednesday, January 30 – Thursday, January 31

Back to the old grind

It was a relief to be able to return to work on Wednesday. Being stuck at home with my tooth abscess was no picnic, even leaving aside the pain factor.  Having had a few weeks off in late December and early January I’ve pretty much exhausted my list of Interesting Things to do When Not at Work.  Okay, there were some things that still need to be done, cleaning out my pigsty of a car for one thing, but I just wasn’t up to doing much.

Wednesday’s assignment was in Port Chester, the last town on I-95 in Westchester County before you get to the Connecticut line.  I’d spent a week there a few months ago.  Port Chester is the furthest of the work locations on my current cycle, about 70 miles each way, but I had no particular trouble getting there on Wednesday morning.  I took the Northern State Parkway rather than the Long Island Expressway because a radio traffic report was warning of heavy traffic on the Expressway in Nassau County, though the overhead message signs didn’t say anything.  Just to be on the safe side I figured that the Northern State would be the better option.  Except for a couple of sluggish spots it moved pretty well and I made the trip in a little under 90 minutes.

Getting home took closer to two hours because I left the worksite later than expected and encountered some early rush hour traffic.  It’s hard to explain just why, but as I was driving east on the Expressway I had the distinct impression that I was just ahead of the big wave of rush hour traffic, like the way a surfer rides a wave … if, you know, the wave were crawling along at a glacial rate of speed.

I was in Mount Vernon on Thursday, a shorter drive than Port Chester, and the morning’s drive took a surprisingly short amount of time, barely an hour.  There seemed to be no significant traffic delays anywhere, not even on the Expressway in Nassau.  Coming home was much more difficult, however, as I didn’t get out until after four and ran right into the heart of rush hour. Getting across the Throgs Neck Bridge wasn’t too bad.  As traffic on the Cross Island Parkway looked fairly heavy I decided to take the Clearview Expressway, which proved a mistake because it took almost ten minutes to negotiate the exit ramp to the eastbound Long Island Expressway.  It’s unlikely that the Cross Island would have been as bad.  Once on the Long Island Expressway I had a miserably slow ride to Exit 38, no surprise there, and another very slow stretch approaching Exit 60 caused by drivers rubbernecking a minor crash (schmucks).  The return trip took about 2:15, which is pretty bad for a trip of less than 55 miles.


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