Friday, February 8 – Sunday, February 10

To say this weekend was “apocalyptic” would be a major understatement.   Starting about 4pm on Friday, when rain and sleet turned to snow, and sometime before dawn on Saturday, we got an officially measured 33.5 inches of snow.  As far as I know it’s the heaviest snowfall I’ve ever experienced.  Roads went from “fine” to “impassible” in the space of a couple hours, resulting in hundreds of people being stranded on the roads.  Many of them weren’t rescued for over 12 hours.  I was safely ensconced at home by the time things got fierce, though I had ventured out earlier on Friday for some food shopping.  As I figured that the mega-supermarket would be a madhouse, I instead (caution: stereotyping ahead) went to a nearby bargain supermarket that serves a heavily Latin American customer base.   Somehow I believed that the customers would be less prone to panic than those at the mega-mart, and I was right.  No, I can’t explain why I thought that way.

I ventured out on Saturday afternoon for a beer run to a 7-11 about a half-mile away.  The streets were just barely passable, and in that short distance I passed at least five or six abandoned cars.  By Sunday, when I made a longer trip, some of the main roads (by no means all) were slightly better, but the condition of the neighborhood streets was still dreadful.

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