Tuesday, February 12 – Wednesday, February 13

So the roads are better.  Big deal.

While it would be an exaggeration to say that the roads were in perfect shape, okay a very big exaggeration, by and large they were much better on Tuesday than they had been on Monday, and Wednesday was better still.  All this means that getting to and from work was a breeze, right?  Not even close.

I had no particular trouble getting into work either day (New Rochelle on Tuesday, Port Chester on Wednesday).  Just the usual sluggish traffic in western Nassau.  Both days I stayed on the Long Island Expressway until reaching the Clearview, as traffic on the ramp to the Cross Island looked fierce.  Getting home?  Well that was quite another matter.  Due to a heavy workload I didn’t finish until about 5pm each day, which meant that my return trip was in the height of rush hour.

On Tuesday, I got on the Expressway from the Cross Island at about 5:20, and was immediately greeted by the electronic sign giving an estimate of 41 minutes travel time to Route 110.  That’s more than twice what it should be, and I knew that there’s be an excruciatingly slow crawl to Exit 38 and beyond.  As a result, for the first time in some weeks I got off at Exit 32 and followed the Panera Bread Strategy.  The ethnic stereotyping which I’ve noted in the past was back in full force, with a quartet of Jewish ladies playing Mah-Jongg and young Asians doing math and science homework.  I stayed at the Panera until about 6, which meant that the rest of the trip home was reasonably trouble-free.  There were some patches of heavy traffic, mostly in Suffolk County, but I’d clearly beaten the worst of rush hour.

Wednesday was a bit different.  Given the longer drive from Port Chester it was about 5:30 when I crossed the Throgs Neck Bridge and 5:40 when I got to the Long Island Expressway.  Although the electronic signs were showing brutally long estimated travel times, based on experience I knew that the worst of rush hour was rapidly passing and that things would steadily get better.  I was right.  After a rough start, once again as far as Exit 38, the traffic began to get a bit lighter.  I was home by 6:45, for a total return trip of about 1:45.

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