Thursday, February 14

Valentine’s Day is no holiday from traffic

Today was a rotten day on the roads, plain and simple.  I was working in southern Westchester, just over the Bronx line, and thought that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad because the distance wasn’t that long.  Fat chance.  In the morning, the delays on the Long Island Expressway in Nassau County were worse than usual even though I was traveling at the usual time.  It just seemed like everyone was on the road.  When I approached Exit 31, the exit for the Cross Island Parkway, I decided to take the Clearview Expressway instead because the exit ramp was backed up.  That’s usually the best decision, but not today.  Traffic on the Expressway got extremely heavy just before the exit for the Clearview, to the point that covering the last one-quarter mile to the exit took me over five minutes.  When all was said and done, the 55-mile drive to work took me over an hour and a half.

If getting to work was bad, getting home was excruciating.  Traffic seemed heavy just about everywhere, to the point that the return journey was in excess of two hours.  What is odd is that there were no specific bad spots or obvious causes, just the same old story of too many cars, too few roads.  I really thought that I’d go stark raving insane from all the slowdowns.

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