Monday, February 18 – Tuesday, February 19

Holidays = good.  Non-holidays = bad.

Presidents’ Day may be a lukewarm, sorta-somewhat holiday, but that didn’t mean it worked out just fine and dandy for me.  What that means, of course, is that traffic was significantly lighter than it would have been on a normal workday.  Which is always a good thing, but was especially good today because the day’s worksite was in the western part of the Bronx (the same place I went to by transit a week earlier) and driving there is a long haul.  In fact I probably would’ve gone by transit today, except I figured that driving would be easy.

Indeed, it was.  Traffic on the Long Island Expressway was reasonably light, with none of the usual slowdowns near Glen Cove Road, and the Grand Central Parkway in Queens was easy too.  My route took me over the Triboro Bridge and then the Major Deegan Expressway, and I ended up getting to the worksite so quickly that I stopped at a nearby McDonald’s to kill some time.  Getting home was very easy too, like in the morning around an hour and twenty minutes, though given that I left work around 2:30 in the afternoon it would have been reasonably decent even on a regular day.

Monday may have been nice, but Tuesday certainly wasn’t.  Oh, it started out okay, as Expressway traffic was somewhat lighter than usual, not as light as the previous day but still pretty good.  What I was figuring is that some people might have been taking the whole week off from work.  I got to the worksite, in downtown New Rochelle, in only about 1:15 and had high hopes that the afternoon would be just as pleasant.

It wasn’t.  I left New Rochelle about 4:45 and got home just before 7, over two hours to cover less than 60 miles.  All the people who were taking the week off apparently changed their minds during the day.  Or maybe it was the fact that it had started to rain.  Or maybe – ugh, what’s the point of wondering why?  All that matters is that it was a miserable trip that seemed to take forever.  At least I got one bit of good news soon after getting home – it is now official, as of next Monday I’ll be working in Suffolk County, no more long drives.

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