Wednesday, February 20 -Thursday, February 21

Last days of driving

These were my last two days of driving to the Bronx or Westchester, before my new work assignments on Long Island start next week.  I’d have to say that neither day was particularly tough.  I was in the Bronx on Wednesday and in central Westchester on Thursday, and had no particular driving woes.  Neither morning was difficult at all, and because I was done with work by 2:30 on both days I was able to beat rush hour coming home.  As has happened before, I had the distinct impression that I was just beating the traffic on the way back.  At least starting next week I won’t have to worry so much about beating rush hour.  In fact, I’ll be more or less going in the opposite direction from the main traffic flows for the first work location.

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  1. Straight guys don’t watch Girls on HBO then bitch about inaccuracies

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