Thursday, February 28 – Friday, March 1

It’s surprising what a difference that extra day makes

After three months of working mostly four-day weeks, this week marked a return to a regular, five-day workweek.  You’d think that one extra day would make little difference.  After all, it’s only a 25% increase, really not that much.  I certainly thought that way.  And so, it came as a surprise to me just how tough it was to work that extra day.  It’s not as if the week had gotten really hard, as Thursday’s workload was fairly light and Friday’s even less.  But hey, I’m not complaining, I made it through the week, and when I get my paycheck I’ll definitely appreciate the extra money.

One thing that’s taking some getting-used-to is working only about 15 to 20 minutes from home.  I’ve already noted that it erodes the sharp home/work distinction that lengthy commuting provides.  While that aspect has started to fade after the first few days, what is still a bit jarring – in a good way – is just how early I get home.  I’d always been used to working during the day and coming home in the very late afternoon or early evening.  That’s the way it is for most people, of course.  With the exception of Tuesday, when I stayed at work until about 4, each day this week I’ve left work between 2 and 3 in the afternoon, getting home no more than 20 minutes later.  What that means is that I get home in the mid– afternoon, when most people are still at work and some schools still in session.  It’s even before we get our daily mail delivery.

In any event, my first week at this new site went better than expected.  I’ll be there until the end of March, then moving onto another site, which will at least keep things from getting boring.

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