Monday, March 4 – Tuesday, March 5

Did I ever mention that I really hate Verizon Wireless?

I probably have, but it bears repeating.  Verizon Wireless has such abysmally poor service it is impossible to imagine how it remains in business.  The service at the worksite where I’ll be through the end of March is bad, rarely more than one out of four bars.  It’s not so bad that I can’t make or receive calls, though call quality can leave a lot to be desired, but it’s bad enough that my phone rapidly loses power as it constantly searches for a signal.  In eight hours the phone will go from 100% charged to completely discharged.  In fact, it often conks out after about seven and a half hours.  Now, if I were in some isolated rural area this might be somewhat easier to comprehend, but the worksite is in a densely populated and affluent suburban area, where service should be flawless.  Guess nobody ever told Verizon Wireless that.

On a better note, work itself has been going well.  It’s a bit different in scope compared to what I was doing for the past few months, in addition to being five days a week rather than four, but I seem to have made the adjustment just fine.  And of course it’s nice to be working so close to home, I’m not constantly stopping at gas stations.  Now, if there could just be some semi-decent cell phone service …





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