Wednesday, March 6 – Friday, March 8

Now I’m really getting annoyed with myself

I have no more excuses for avoiding the gym. When I was driving 2+ hours each way to my work assignments, okay, it was different then.  While driving a car is not necessarily a physically exhausting activity, the mental concentration it requires can be draining, and in turn can reduce one’s desire for hard physical exercise.  At least this can be the case with very long driving, especially in heavy traffic.  So yes, at some times I have had a semi-decent excuse, the “semi” part being added because a strong enough motivation will overcome almost all obstacles.

None of this has been the case over the past two weeks.  It takes me only about 20 minutes to get home from the current worksite and there’s rarely much traffic.  What’s more, because I start work at 7 in the morning I’m usually home by mid-afternoon and have more than enough time to go to the gym.  But I’m not going, at least not during the week.  This lack of motivation wouldn’t be quite so surprising if I’d only started going to the gym in the past year or so.  That is definitely not the case, however, as I’ve been a regular at Ultimate Fitness for almost ten years.

As lamenting isn’t going to accomplish much, it now is a matter of just finding the motivation and going.  No more looking for excuses (“I’m too worn out, it’s too cold out.”)  When I’ve gone on weekends I’ve enjoyed the experience, so once I muster up enough motivation to get in my car and go, everything should be fine.

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