Monday, March 11 – Tuesday, March 12

At least I had an excuse both days

For not going to the gym, that is.  I hadn’t really planned on going Monday, having made it to the gym both Saturday and Sunday, and as things turned out it would have been a real challenge to have gone even if I’d wanted.  It was a long and rather difficult day at work, one issue after another, and although everything worked out in the end I was left pretty well drained.  And then, I had to do some food shopping after work.

Tuesday wasn’t as tough a day as far as work was concerned, in fact it was relatively easy.  It’s the nature of my job for things to vary a great deal from day to day.  Which is not entirely a bad thing, as too much predictability can get boring.  In any event, while work was fine, I had a dentist appointment afterwards, and as such things often do it turned out to last much longer than expected.  For reasons I cannot understand, going to the dentist often leaves me rather depressed afterwards, and today was no exception.  Perhaps it could be the amount that I owe.  One thing about dental insurance is that it never seems to cover most of the cost.  The co-pays and exclusions always result in big out-of-pocket expenses, and today was definitely no exception.

But hey, I promise I’ll get back into the gym-going frame of mind.

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