Wednesday, March 13 – Friday, March 15

Made it once

I had really wanted to go to the gym on Wednesday, but once again, other things intervened and I couldn’t go.  It just wasn’t – okay, enough with the charades, even though I legitimately had other things to do I could have managed a short gym trip had I really wanted.  Had a similar situation arisen a few years ago, when my motivation was at its peak, I certainly would have gone.  Today, though, it’s more of a struggle.

Thursday was better.  I made it to the gym in the early evening, and did some leg work for the first time in forever.  My back was a bit sore from work, so with some reluctance I decided that squats would not be the best idea.  Instead, I did some Hammer Strength horizontal leg presses: 10 x 270, 4 x 10 x 290.  Next came seated calf raises, 4 x 12 x 135, and some lying leg curls on a machine whose name I can’t remember, 3 x 8 x 100.  I’d forgotten just how exhausting leg work can be, even on machines.  Next time I’ll do some squats, even if I have to use a light weight.  It also occurred to me that with last weekend I’ve now gone to the gym three times in six days, which is a perfectly respectable rate.  I considered going on Friday but decided to wait until the weekend.

After this week I’ll have just four days left at my current work site.  I will have the week of March 25 off, during which time I might make a quick trip to Florida if the fares are decent, and on Monday April 1 I will begin a new month-long assignment at a site in eastern Suffolk County very close to the Nassau line.  It’s about 30 miles away, which isn’t bad, but it probably will seem longer after this much closer work site.

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