Monday, April 8 – Wednesday, April 10

My new strategy

With a couple weeks remaining until the gym shuts its doors, you’d think that I’d be going as much as possible.  That would be the logical thing, right? Of course that’s not what is happening.  I actually haven’t gone at all since last week and really have no desire to go.  Forcing myself to go isn’t an option.  When it comes to exercise, either you want to or you don’t, and nothing can change that.

One thing I have vowed is that I’ll start my search for a new gym this weekend.  It probably won’t be much of a search, in that I have one place in mind as previously noted, but nonetheless some effort on my part will be required.  Once I join another gym, I really do believe that my motivation will return.  New environments really can make a difference.  In fact, if I’m sufficiently ambitious I might actually spring for a couple of personal training sessions at the new gym.  Getting an outside view as to what I should be doing (and not doing) could well provide a boost in much the same way as starting at a new place.

My commuting to and from my latest workplace has been trouble-free.  It’s also quite predictable, as the Sunrise Highway generally does not have as much “drama” as the Long Island Expressway.  I’ve noted that the trip each day is within a few minutes each way of 40 minutes, almost never longer.  And of course there are no bridges and (obscene) tolls to add their own special brand of uncertainty.  Speaking of the Long Island Expressway, on Tuesday I had to make a late-evening trip to LaGuardia Airport and back.   During rush hour it would have been a horror show, but as I was traveling well after rush hour it didn’t take much more than an hour each way.

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