Monday, April 15 – Wednesday, April 17

I actually missed the spirituality stuff

Some new developments at work, which I found out on Monday.  I had thought that I’d be spending four weeks at a time at particular workplaces until November.  Now, though, it looks like I’ll have only two more four-week stints.  In May I’ll be at a site only about five minutes away from me and in June I’ll be going to Westchester County.  After that, I’ll be doing the sort of work I did from October through late February, rotating among a set of eight to ten worksites, spending one day at each one every two weeks.  It pays the same as the four-week-at-a-time schedule, and I find the work a bit more interesting.  All in all, a positive development.

Work itself wasn’t bad these three days.  Monday was the hardest day, Wednesday the easiest, and Tuesday sort of in-between.  What made Wednesday interesting is that in the evening I went to a hot yoga session.  It’s the third time I’ve gone, though the last time was back in October.  I’m still a rank beginner, not to mention rather inflexible, but yoga’s non-competitive nature means it doesn’t really matter.  Anyway, of the 30 or so people in the session I seemed to be in a cluster of newcomers.  It wasn’t planned that way, it just happened.  I was pleased to note that I wasn’t the only person who occasionally had to take a break and lie on the mat.  Keep in mind that a hot yoga session runs about 90 minutes with only a couple official breaks of a minute or so each.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s 105 degrees in the room?

During my last session in October there was New Age-y music playing and the instructor talked a lot about spiritual and mental things.  Nothing that I can recall specifically.  In Wednesday’s session, however, there was no music and the instructor talked mostly about physical aspects, like she was conducting an ordinary exercise session.  Instructors have discretion over music and the things they say.  I know, this is terribly vague, but the difference between now and then was quite apparent to me.  To my surprise, I actually preferred the way October’s instructor emphasized the spiritual side of yoga.  It’s not that I necessarily believe in all of it, but hearing that sort of talk somehow manages to make my muscles less tense.  I’m not even going to try to speculate why.  And I must emphasize that even Wednesday’s more down-to-Earth session was still satisfying.  Getting through the session is quite a challenge, but I made it, and am glad I did.

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