Saturday, April 13 – Sunday, April 14

Mostly a do-nothing weekend, just some food shopping and miscellaneous errands.  I did find a solution to the new-gym question.  The gym about five miles away that used to be affiliated with the one that’s about to close is giving a month’s free membership to anyone who transfers, effective anytime during May.  It’s probably the best choice.  Although there are a couple of closer gyms, though not by all that much, it has really nice facilities and is reasonably priced.

My new Kindle reading is Boomerang by Michael Lewis.  It’s a fairly short, semi-comedic account of the author’s travels through some of the countries most severely affected by the Eurozone crisis, so far I’ve gotten through Iceland, Greece and Ireland.  He recounts some anecdotes that make it pretty clear why these countries turned into such economic disasters.  Iceland was basically a country of fishermen who decided to become big-time financiers, while Greece had a totally dysfunctional government with a hugely bloated bureaucracy and rampant tax evasion.  As for Ireland, the money quote is that at the height of the real estate boom several years ago, the number of houses under construction in Ireland was about half the number in Britain …. which has more than 15 times as many people.  Mull over that factoid for a while.  Anyway, it’s fun reading, and certainly more intellectually stimulating than going online.  Not that that’s saying much.

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