Saturday, April 20 – Friday, April 26

Yeah, I know

Never before have I compressed six days into a single entry.  I’m doing so now, however, because there just isn’t much to report.  Mostly that’s because my gym-going is on hold until I start at the new place at the start of May.  Speaking of which, a second local gym is now offering a free month’s membership to members of the about-to-close gym.  It’s about three miles away from me, slightly closer than the one I had been planning to join, and while I’ve never been inside it’s a big facility that presumably has everything I could use.  The monthly rates of the two candidates are about the same.  What I’ll most likely do is ask for a tour of each one and then decide.  It could well be that one of them will have a more suitable atmosphere than the other, for example one could be full of noisy teens while the other attracts serious adults.  I just don’t know, so I’ll have to see for myself.

Some schedule changes are afoot at work.  I had thought I’d be spending May at a worksite just a couple miles away from me (coincidentally, right on the way to the new gym candidate).  Due to a variety of circumstances I won’t be able to start there until the day after Memorial Day.  Next week I’ll be going to a location in Westchester County, just over the Bronx line.  Yay, more (obscene) tolls, fortunately the assignment will be for just one week.  As for the next three weeks, until Memorial Day, I don’t yet know, the company hasn’t yet determined the locations.    I should know by May 1, and hopefully I’ll be reasonably close to home.

Other than that … the last week at my current location in western Suffolk went well, as is usual it was pretty low-pressure and I was able to finish my assignments in five or six hours (I still get paid for eight).  On Wednesday I did hot yoga once again, and my flexibility seemed to be slightly better than it had been.  My balance definitely was better.  One change I made is that I used blocks, which reduce the range of motion in some of the poses (a term I dislike, but whatever) and make things a bit easier for beginners.  I also liked the instructor better, among other things she played background music and offered plenty of encouragement.

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