Thursday, March 28 – Friday, March 29

Well that was a humbling experience

Now that I’m relatively healthy, except for my (entirely predictable) lingering cough, I figured I could go back to the gym and pretty much start where I’d left off.  Makes sense, right?  It should go without saying that reality reared its ugly head and gave a stark illustration of what the word “setback” really means.  When I was driving to the gym on Thursday afternoon I had a massive coughing fit in the car.  It left me quite weakened, so much so that I made an on-the-fly change of plans and decided not to do any weights.  I just knew they’d be too much of a struggle.  So I trooped off to the elliptical, and despite starting out at a low resistance level after just five minutes I felt like I’d just run a marathon (okay, that’s a bad comparison, given that I’ve never actually competed in anything more than a 5K).  I then gave the stationary cycle a try, then back to the elliptical.  Somehow I managed to compete a total of 20 minutes between the two devices.  This effort left me breathless and brought on another coughing fit, but I’m glad I tried.

Things were a bit closer to normal on Friday.  I did a straight 25 minutes on the elliptical and only coughed a bit.  My cough in general seems to be getting better each day, though knowing what I’m like it’ll probably take another week before it’s gone.  Experience has shown that the only helpful remedy is prescription cough syrup with codeine, and I’d rather cough.

All in all, I’d have to say that this week off was a welcome break, but I’m not sorry to be going back to work on Monday.  This much idleness is just not my thing, and of course all the chores I had vowed to get done remain just as undone as at the beginning of the week.  Wow, what a surprise!

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