Thursday, May 2 – Sunday, May 5

Day-to-day deterioration

Thursday should have been a close copy of the previous day when it came to  driving.  I went to the same worksite just north of the Bronx line and left the house at the same time.  So it should have taken 90 minutes like it did on Wednesday, right?  Wrong!  The drive took nearly a half-hour more, for a total of just under two hours.  And what’s perplexing is that there was no obvious reason why that should have been so.  Traffic on the Expressway was heavy in the same, usual spots (Exit 42, exits 39 – 37), but for some reason it was notably more sluggish.  And the exit from the Expressway to the Cross Island Parkway?  Let’s just say that some things are too gruesome to be related.  Fifteen minutes to negotiate an exit ramp??  Again, there’s nothing I can imagine that would have accounted for such a difference from one day to the next.

I had Friday off, doing some chores around the house but really not too much, while over the weekend I did some fairly heavy-duty yard cleanup.  The amount of work that needed to be done looked daunting, but once I got into it things went reasonably well.  I also did quite a bit of TV-watching.  One thing I’ve figured out is that the Smithsonian Channel is just about the best cable channel out there.  Unlike so many others it’s blessedly free of inane reality shows and similar fluff.  I also watched Raging Bull on Saturday, the first time I’ve seen that movie.  It’s funny, although the movie is on all sorts of Top Ten lists, and even though I have a lot of interest in the subject matter, I found it okay, at best.  Dunno why.  It could be that the boxing scenes were unrealistic, in a way that didn’t sit well with me because I’m a boxing fan, but then again they weren’t meant to be the main focus of the movie.

Next week I’ll be in four different locations for work.  Monday I’ll be in the affluent East End community that I dubbed Range Rover Territory during my insurance days, Tuesday in Brooklyn, Wednesday in Queens, and Thursday in a relatively nearby community.  Don’t know about Friday yet.

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