Wednesday, May 8 – Friday, May 10

That was a creative route

Wednesday and Thursday were interesting days in work terms.  “Interesting” is not necessarily being used in a good sense.  My Wednesday worksite was in southeastern Queens, not far from JFK Airport.  Getting there should have been relatively easy, but I had made a mistake about the start time.  I thought I was supposed to be there at 8 am, but just before I left the house at 6 – which would have gotten me there with ample time to spare – but for some inexplicable reason I checked my e-mail and saw to my dismay that I was supposed to be there at 7.  Keep in mind that I hate to be late for things.

I gave it my best effort, though heavy traffic on the Expressway at the usual spots was a bit of an obstacle.  It also was difficult getting onto the southbound Cross Island Parkway because part of the ramp is shared with the absurdly crowded exit to the northbound Cross Island.  It was about 7:15 when I got to the worksite, all ready to dive into the day’s work.  As it turned out, the pool was empty (how’s that for a ludicrous metaphor?)  Due to some various organizational issues the  worksite wasn’t ready for what I had to do.  I called my company to explain the situation, and finally got reassigned to a different site in eastern Nassau not far from the Suffolk line.  It worked out okay, because being farther east meant that I had less traffic to deal with in the afternoon.  As usual for Wednesdays, I had my hot yoga session in the evening, with continued improvement.

Thursday was yet another mid-day worksite change, though for different reasons than the day before.  I started out in a town to the east, not as far east as Range Rover Territory though with some (real) name similarities, but after less than an hour had to go to another site several miles further west.  It didn’t really matter so much.

Friday’s assignment was in Long Beach.  Yes, that’s the real name, I’m willing to use it because (a) the location is relevant to my travels, and (b) it’s a large enough city that giving its real name won’t be revealing too much in terms of the worksite.  Getting to Long Beach involved using some rather unusual roads: Sunrise Highway (okay, not so unusual) –> Robert Moses Causeway –> Ocean Parkway –> Loop Parkway.  Ocean Parkway, which formed the main part of the route, runs right along the Atlantic, on a narrow barrier island with the Great South Bay on the other side.  There are a couple of small communities and public beaches along the way, but for the most part there’s nothing but the water and the sand dunes, an end-of-the-Earth atmosphere not to be found anywhere else in the area.  Even at rush hour traffic was very light, though on a summer weekend it would have been busy with traffic going to Jones Beach and, in the other direction, Robert Moses Beach.   It was a huge time-saver over the Sunrise Highway or the Southern State Parkway.  Interestingly, Ocean Parkway reopened just a couple weeks ago after hurricane damage.


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