Monday, April 29 – Wednesday, May 1

It wasn’t that bad a drive

Monday and Tuesday were days off from work, while on Wednesday I had an assignment in Westchester County right over the Bronx line.  Monday was sort of a boring day, I didn’t do a whole lot during the day, but at night I watched a couple of classic 1950’s science fiction movies on TCM – It Came from Outer Space and The Magnetic Monster.  One thing that occurred to me is that there was nothing nerdy about these movies or indeed others from that era.  Which is quite different from modern sci-fi and its uber-nerd orientation.  I have no idea why.

Tuesday was (ugh!) another dentist appointment, this time for a root canal in preparation for a crown.  As is usual for this procedure, it was a very long appointment, something like an hour and ten minutes start to finish.  Having been advised of my current balance, all I could think about for these 70 minutes was how my bill would be growing like a week, so to speak.  And that’s not even counting the crown, which is scheduled for later in May.  It’s funny that in all the talk about health care reform no one ever seems to mention dentistry, even though dentist bills can be a serious burden for many people.

I had no trouble at all driving to the just-barely-in-Westchester assignment on Wednesday. I left home about 6:10 and made it to the worksite by 7:40.  Ninety minutes isn’t bad for a peak-direction trip.  There were a couple of slow stretches on the Long Island Expressway, around Exit 42 and then the section between exits 39 and 37, and it took several minutes to negotiate the ramp from the Expressway to the Cross Island Parkway.  Getting across the Throgs Neck Bridge and through the (obscene) tolls was easy enough.  My return trip was only about 70 minutes,  as I left prior to the start of rush hour.

One not-so-good thing is that my free two weeks’ membership at the new gym won’t start until the 15th of May.  When they let me attend for free on Sunday it was just a one-time introductory visit.  On Wednesday I went to hot yoga, and compared to the last two sessions I seem to be getting a bit more flexible.

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Saturday, April 27 – Sunday, April 28

It’s done.  I found a new gym.  It wasn’t the first one I had in mind, the one that used to be affiliated with the now-closing one, but the slightly closer gym.  On Sunday, I went there to check it out and was quite impressed with what I saw.  It is a former racquetball facility that was converted to a gym a few years ago.  Compared to the old gym – actually, there’s no comparison whatsoever.  Everything was clean and in good repair, brightly lit as compared to the dim lights at the old one.  It seemed reasonably hard-core, with a couple of squat racks, several bench press stations, dumbbells going up to 150 pounds, and no prohibition on deadlifting (I saw a person doing them).  Finally, the rates are comparable with the old gym and with the other new one I’d been considering.

I had a decent session, no heavy weights as I’m a bit out of practice.  Bench press: 6 x 135, 6 x 185, 4 x 205, 3 x 4 x 225, 8 x 185.  The pegs which hold the weight bars are of a different design than at the old gym, so it was slightly awkward at first, but I’ll adjust.  Life Fitness plate-loaded shoulder press: 4 x 8 x 70/70.  EZ curls: 3 x 10 x 50 (okay, a light weight, but I’ve got to start somewhere).  Cable pushdowns: 4 x 8 x 57.5.  All in all, it went well, and I’m sure I’ll be happy with this gym.

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