Tuesday, May 28 – Thursday, May 30

A closer look

After being away for much too long I’ve finally resumed going to the gym.  Sort of.  Given an annoying pulled muscle in my side, which seems to be the result of having reached too far to get something, I’m waiting for a couple of days before actually doing anything myself.  Instead, I’ve been helping another person start an exercise routine, just demonstrating how the different exercises are done, that sort of thing.  Though I suppose I have done some work myself by performing these demonstrations.

A few weeks back, when I made a “scouting-out” visit, I got a pretty good impression of this gym.  Further visits have reinforced that observation.  For one thing, the girl at the front desk did not try to sell me on a year-long contract when I told her I wanted a monthly membership.  That may seem to be a minor point, but it’s not.  I’ve heard of gyms where prospective members get a hard sell in an attempt to get them to take out contracts.  Even though the month-by-month rate typically is higher, at this gym it’s $40 vs. $30 on a yearly contract, most gyms sell the contracts to third-party finance companies and therefore get an immediate cash infusion.  Monthly memberships don’t provide any upfront money beyond the initial month’s payment and also are less predictable as many people don’t last more than a month or two.  All of which means that I would not have been surprised to have gotten at least a mild push to sign a contract, but there was nothing of the sort.

Another thing that contributed to my positive impression was that even though the parking lot was absolutely jammed at the time of Tuesday’s visit, the crowding inside the gym wasn’t too bad.  I was expecting a mob scene, but it was completely tolerable.  While I had realized on the first visit that the gym is large on the inside, I did not expect that it would be able to accommodate that big a crowd.  Something else that I realized is that the equipment in the gym is arranged in a way that it’s easy to walk around without squeezing past it and getting in peoples’ way.  That might seem obvious, but it definitely was not that way in the old gym.  Finally, even at such a busy time the gym was clean and not excessively warm.

As for work, these three days were fairly easy and routine.  I was in the same location on Tuesday and Thursday, about 15 miles to the west of me, while on Wednesday I headed about the same distance east.  As I went to the Tuesday and Thursday location at the height of rush hour, and it was close to the Sunrise Highway, I used a combination of service roads and ordinary streets to avoid the heavy traffic often found on the westbound Sunrise during the morning.  Wednesday presented no traffic issues as I was heading in the opposite direction from the main traffic flow.

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