Wednesday, June 12 – Friday, June 14

No way I could go

After going several weeks in a row I missed Wednesday evening’s hot yoga.  Yes, I am on a guilt trip for having done so.  I had some very sore muscles after Tuesday’s leg and back session, and Wednesday was a rather long and tough day at work, and … oh, what I am saying?  These are just excuses.  I should have forced myself to go to hot yoga and pushed myself through the session, I did not have sufficient will to do so, and that was that.   No excuses.

Thursday turned out to be just about as tough a day at work as Wednesday had been.  Friday was much easier, which was fortunate as I really wanted to go to the gym after work and and was concerned about being worn out.   I did some bench pressing, nothing earth-shattering but a decent session nonetheless: 6 x 135, 6 x 185, 4 x 205, 3 x 4 x 225, 8 x 185, 10 x 135.  After the benching I took advantage of the uncrowded gym to look around and get a better idea of their equipment.  One thing that disappointed me a bit is that they have only three medicine balls and, as far as I can tell, no kettlebells.   For all its drawbacks the old gym was much better equipped in both respects.  It’s not that I have any immediate desire to use medicine balls or kettlebells, but I’d like to have the option to use them if I so choose.  I suppose it’s a minor point.

Next week will be my last week working just a couple miles from home.  After that, I’ll be going to a site in Westchester just north of the Bronx line.  While it’s not all that far, I’ve been there a few times in December and January, it does mean that I’ll have to deal with Expressway traffic and pay the (obscene) tolls on the Throgs Neck Bridge.  Still, I don’t have much ground for complaint.

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