Monday, June 17 – Tuesday, June 18

Back to barbaric hours

I found out that on Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be going into Manhattan for 5 am each day.  It’s the same thing I did a few weeks ago, same worksites too, and I have every reason to expect that getting up at 3 am will be just as ghastly and barbaric as it had been.  Humans just aren’t meant to get up that long before dawn.  It’s not like our ancestors needed such an early start to hunt wooly mammoths. But then, I suppose I should look on the bright side (not that it’s very bright at three in the morning, ha ha), traffic should be next to nothing.

Speaking of schedules, I now know most of my worksites at least through the end of October.  After the upcoming two days in Manhattan, on Friday I’ll be finishing up at the site that’s just a couple miles away.  No more going home for lunch.  For the following two weeks I’ll be working at a variety of sites yet to be determined.  Most should be on Long Island but I may have one or two in Brooklyn or Queens.  The one exception, the one I already know, will be next Tuesday, which will be in Dutchess County, probably about two hours each day depending (as always!) on traffic.

Starting the second week in July I will be going to a site in Mount Vernon, which is in Westchester County just over the Bronx line, for either three or four weeks.  I’ve been there before and it’s not too bad of a drive, though I’ll have to deal with the Throgs Neck Bridge and its (obscene) tolls.  After that, starting around the beginning of August, I will begin a three-month assignment in Port Chester.  Once again, I’ve been to that site.  It’s the last town in Westchester County along I-95 before reaching the Connecticut line.  It’s a reasonable drive, albeit with (obscene) tolls, though there’s a possibility I might be able to take the train.  That option will depend on the specific hours I’ll be expected to work, it involves coordinating LIRR an Metro North schedules.

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