Wednesday, June 19 – Friday, June 21

I guess it’s maybe sorta getting more tolerable

Wednesday began bright and early, actually dark and early, as I hit the road at a ghastly 3 am for a 5 am start in Manhattan.  I decided to time my trip, and  was in for quite a surprise.  After a quick stop at the 7-11 by Exit 64 on the Long Island Expressway, it was 3:16 am.  When I parked my car 55 miles away, at the corner of Forsyth and Rivington streets, it was 4:20.  Yep, that’s right, one hour and four minutes to cover that distance.  Had I started out a couple hours later the drive would have taken at least twice as long.  And this was including a delay of a few minutes caused by repaving work on the Expressway shortly after the Queens line.  Otherwise there were no slowdowns on the Long Island Expressway, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, or over the Williamsburg Bridge.

Thursday’s trip, to a worksite near Columbus Circle, took somewhat longer.  The Expressway’s repaving delay was no longer than the day before, I got over the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge easily enough, but I had a lot of trouble finding a parking spot.  First I tried 66th Street west of Amsterdam, where I had found a spot the last time I was working at this location, but nothing was available.  With increasing concern I kept looking, finally finding a spot all the way north on 71st Street.  I had to walk pretty fast to cover the half-mile to Columbus Circle by 5, but I made it, barely.  Oh, when I got back to my car I had a $65 ticket, apparently parking was allowed only until 8.  Even though it’s only my second parking ticket in the city, nowhere near the point at which I would risk getting towed, I’ll have to pay the ticket out of moral obligation – ha ha, you actually believed that??

Because I finished long before rush hour, one of the perks of starting so early, I had no trouble at all getting home either day.  While on Wednesday I more or less took the morning’s route in reverse, on Thursday I moseyed on down to the Manhattan Bridge and took the Gowanus Expressway/Belt Parkway route.   It offered some terrific harbor views (note: the container ship Cosco Nagoya urgently needs a paint job) and was a nice change from the usual route.

Friday it was back to the close-by worksite, the end of my three-week stint at that location.  Everything went well, there were a couple of last-minute snags but those are to be expected, and I’m going to miss being so close to home.

On Wednesday I made it to hot yoga, and more importantly made it through the session more or less intact.  On Friday I went to the gym for leg work.  45-degree leg presses: 2 x 8 x 510, 2 x 8 x 520, 2 x 8 x 530.  SLDL’s: 3 x 8 x 195.  I also did an exercise with a 20-pound medicine ball, not one from a standard routine but one that I’ve come up with myself.  For each rep, I push the ball straight out, then lift it overhead, then push it straight out once again.  I did this for 3 x 10, and for a “home grown” exercise it certainly seemed to hit my shoulders pretty well.

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