Monday, July 1 – Wendesday, July 3

I do not like idleness

Ugh.  The start of my week off from work.  While it is giving me the chance to do various errands and get some more extensive yardwork done (for some reason the yard is full of thick vines), I’d much rather be working.  It’s not just the money factor, as I’ve noted these occasional weeks off are built into my payscale, it’s that I don’t like being idle.  I can’t imagine how younger retirees can manage it.

Speaking of work, on Tuesday a second opportunity opened up, one I had been asking about for a while.  It’s basically the same sort of work I did from November through February, rotating among eight worksites every two weeks.  I told my manager that it sounded good, however I had already told a different manager last week that I wanted to join a newly created team doing a different sort of work.  Would this prove to be an awkward moment?  Fortunately there was nothing of the sort.  In fact, my manager told me that the newly created team probably would be a better opportunity and that I should go with that (the two offers would be the same pay, but the new one may have more chances for advancement).  I’m glad that was settled.

I talked for a while with my manager, with whom I have an excellent relationship as we worked side-by-side for six months last year.  She told me that on account of some difficulties in finding enough people for entry-level positions at the company she was considering getting a booth at some job fairs.  The way she said it, I had the distinct impression she was less than enthusiastic about the idea.  Which is not surprising in the least.  Job fairs used to be a perfectly legitimate sort of event, but in the last several years have gotten a bad reputation as too many of the exhibitors are pyramid schemes or straight-commission sales “jobs.”

Gym: Monday was a good leg session.  I started out on the 45-degree leg press, doing 8 x 540, 8 x 560, 8 x 580, 8 x 600, 8 x 610.  While these weights may seem impressive, they do not come remotely close to doing equivalent weights on squats.  600 on a leg press probably is about the same as 315 on a squat.  Maybe just 275.  I really think I’d better start doing squats, or the reasonably equivalent trap bar deadlifts, next leg session.  I also did SLDL’s, 3 x 8 x205.  I seem to be progressing nicely on these.

Tuesday was bench pressing … and to call it a “mediocre” session would be a great exaggeration.  Sometimes you have it, and sometimes you don’t.  Tuesday was a “don’t” day. All I could manager was 6 x 135, 6 x 185, 4 x 205, 5 x 225, 4 x 225, 3 x 225, 5 x 185.  So much on trying to exceed last time’s three sets of five at 225!

Wednesday was hot yoga.  Until now I’ve always set up my mat toward the back of the room rather than by the mirrored wall in front.  Being in back lets me use the back wall when necessary for support during some of the balancing exercises.  When I arrived today, all of the mat positions in the back were taken, so I had no choice but to go in front.  To my pleasant surprise, being closer to the mirror actually helped my balance even though I had nothing to lean against.  It turned out to be a pretty good session after all.

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