Wednesday, July 10 – Friday, July 12

Steady deterioration

As I got more into Week One of my three-week assignment in Mount Vernon, I experienced an unwelcome phenomenon known as “worse every day.”  Or something to that effect.  By which I mean that my trip home got steadily worse as the week went on. Keep in mind that I left work around 2:45 to 3:00 each day, so the trips should have been comparable.

On Wednesday, the trip home took about 1:40.  There was a half-mile or longer line getting to the (obscene) toll booths on the Throgs Neck Bridge, and even my use of the Harding Avenue Maneuver saved only a small amount of time.  While I’m not 100% sure, I believe this was the result of a truck crash in New Jersey.  Now that certainly speaks volumes about the fragility of our road system.  The smash-up caused huge traffic jams across the George Washington Bridge and for miles back onto the Cross-Bronx Expressway (I-95).  As I exited onto I-695 for the Throgs Neck Bridge I could plainly see the delays on I-95 just ahead.  What probably happened is that people who would have stayed on I-95 another mile or so to the Whitestone Bridge  instead were taking the Throgs Neck.

Thursday was about five minutes longer, at around 1:45, while on Friday I hit the two-hour mark.  Consider that the latter is twice what the morning trip is taken, and you’ll understand why it’s so frustrating.  What’s most perplexing is that there were no obvious causes for the slow traffic on either day.  Just the same old story of too many cars and too few roads.  I was able to console myself with the fact that the morning trips to Mount Vernon have been a breeze all week, and after just two more weeks I’ll be working locally most days.  Can’t hardly wait.

Wednesday was hot yoga, not really one of my better outings but not one of the worst.  My balance seems to be getting better each week, though my flexibility continues to lag a bit.  On Friday, I went to the gym for back work, and more or less on a whim decided to use a couple of the machines rather than doing T-bar rows.  While using weight machines on a consistent basis is not the best idea, an occasional use is harmless enough.  I started with Life Fitness seated rows, 6 x 8 x 175, and then used one of the Hoist brand row machines in which the seat moves along with you.  These have variable resistance levels but no actual weight selections, as the weight varies with the user’s body weight. For what it’s worth, I used resistance level 12 out of 15.

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