Wednesday, July 17 – Thursday, July 18

Avoiding the sheeple

After Tuesday’s miserable encounter with rush hour traffic it came as a tremendous relief to be able to get out of work a bit early on Wednesday.  By leaving Mount Vernon around 2:30 I was able to be over the Throgs Neck Bridge and onto the Cross Island Parkway by 2:45 or so.  There was a broken-down truck in the right lane near the middle of the span that wasn’t causing significant delays, but if it had been an hour later there would have been a huge traffic jam. Again, timing is everything.  I was on the Long Island Expressway just before 3, which I’ve figured out is about the latest I can be without encountering heavy traffic.  Indeed, other than some slow stretches around exits 38, 49 and 57 – which are always the bad spots – I was able to drive at more or less a normal speed all the way and made the trip in about 90 minutes.

Wednesday evening was my hot yoga session, though given the horrible heat wave we’ve been having it barely felt any hotter in the studio than it was outside!  The session was quite crowded, which was a bit of a surprise given the weather, crowded to the point that I was squeezed in pretty tightly between the people on either side.  Still, it was a good session, with continued improvement in the balancing poses.  I do need to get a better mat, however, as mine ($20 at Dick’s Sporting Goods)  is way too thin.  It really hurts whenever I have to kneel.

Thursday was in many respects a clone of Wednesday.  Once again there was an easy drive of just over an hour in the morning, and once again I finished work around 2:30 and had a 90-minute trip home.  About the only real difference is that there were no delays on the bridge, no repeat of yesterday’s broken down truck, with a tradeoff of somewhat heavier traffic on the Cross Island.  For about five minutes approaching the Northern Boulevard exit there was stop-and-go traffic, enough so that I figured there must be a crash up ahead.  Yet there was nothing of the sort, and once past the exit traffic opened up nicely.  I’ll have to chalk this up to one of the inexplicable mysteries of driving.

I went to the gym to do back work on Thursday.  Like last time, I decided to use machines rather than the T-bar row or other free-weight rows.  While this is not really a good thing, free weights do have advantages over machines, I figured that given the nature of a row it wouldn’t matter quite as much as it would with chest or lower-body work.  What can I say?  I’ve just been in a machine sort of mood lately.  Anyway, I did the Life Fitness seated rows, 6 x 8 x 180, a 5-pound increase from last time, and then used the Hoist mid-row machine with its moveable seat.  I set the resistance level at 14, up a notch from last time.

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