Friday, July 19

Northern Boulevard to the rescue, sort of

I was never expecting such a miserable end to the week.  When I arrived at the worksite in Mount Vernon, following an easy trip of just over an hour, it didn’t look as if the day’s workload would be too heavy.  With hard work and a bit of luck I’d be finished by 1:30 or 2, early enough to avoid the heavy summer Friday traffic on my trip home.

As you might guess, things didn’t quite turn out that way.  By 1:30 I realized that there was still a significant amount of work to be done before I could call it a day.  Two o’clock rolled around, 2:15, 2:30, I still wasn’t done.  Once it was past about 2:45 I figured it didn’t matter much what time I left, because by then I’d be dead meat.

I finally left work at 3:15, in absolute dread of the trip home.  I got across the bridge okay, but then the Cross Island Parkway was completely jammed.  After ten minutes I had covered barely a mile and to make matters worse my low fuel warning light was glowing bright.  I got off at Northern Boulevard and got gas … my, the price really has spiked in the last week or so.

It was then that I had an insight.  As horrendous as the traffic on the Cross Island had been, I knew that the Long Island Expressway and the Northern State Parkway would be even worse.  Heading east on Northern Boulevard might actually be a better option even though I’d be encountering about 500 traffic lights.  What I figured is that (a) not all of the lights would be red, and (b) especially as I got farther east traffic would move reasonably well between the lights.

Although it took me almost two hours to get home from that point, on Northern Boulevard in Queens, I believe I made the correct choice.  The Expressway would have been at least as long a trip, and would have been far more frustrating.  I encountered constant lights in Queens and through the very upscale Manhasset area of Nassau County, but once I crossed the Roslyn Viaduct in another ten miles or so the lights were further and further apart.  There were some bad spots, such as the huge intersection with Glen Cove Road, downtown Huntington, and downtown Kings Park (the last being rather surprising as it’s a very small town), but most of the time I drove along at something reasonably approaching normal speed.  More to the point, when I arrived home at 5:45, my sanity was somewhat sort of intact.  It would’ve been completely gone had I dealt with the Expressway.

Gym: despite the long day I made a trip later in the evening, albeit a short one.  I did chest work on the Hoist seated press machine, one of the movable-seat varieties, with a resistance level of 14 out of 18.  I did 6 x 8 and yes, it was pretty tough.

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