Friday, July 26

The last of the long drives (or not)

Today marked the end of my 3-week work assignment in Mount Vernon and hopefully also the end of my long drives.  A tentative note is obligatory because things always change in my line of work.  In particular, on Monday there’s a big project starting in Port Chester, which is about 10 miles beyond Mount Vernon right before the Connecticut line.  It’s a not-at-all-unlikely possibility that from time to time I’ll be sent there for a day or two.  Which means, of course, long drives and more (obscene) tolls on the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Anyway, after three miserable trips home, the trip today was a breeze.  It was all in the timing, of course.  I finished up my work by noon and was on the road just shortly thereafter.  Even with sheeple getting off early on Friday, traffic at that hour tends not to be bad, and today was no exception.  I made it home in about 1:15, which of course would have been unthinkable had I left even just a couple of hours later.

After having missed three days (and one of yoga) in a row, you’d better believe I made sure to hit the gym on Friday evening.  I decided to do back work, and yes, I’m still in a machine phase.  While I am generally on the side of free weights vs. machines, there are no doubts that free weights are better, I’m not one of these purists who scorn the use of machines.  Also, while I don’t know if this has been scientifically proven or anything, I have a suspicion that the relatively advantages of free weights are less with respect to back exercises than with other types.  In any event, I used the Life Fitness seated row, 6 x 8 x 185, yet another 5-pound jump from my last session, and finished with the Hoist movable-seat row, 3 x 8  with a resistance level of 15 out of 18.

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