Monday, July 29

So far so good

My new assignment began on Monday with a worksite in the far eastern part of Queens close to the Nassau County line.  I left home at 5:30, wanting to give myself ample time to get there by seven.  It turned out to be more than ample, as I was at the worksite by 6:15.  Expressway traffic wasn’t bad, and even though the electronic signs warned of delays starting at Exit 31, the exit for the Cross Island Parkway, that didn’t matter as I got off at Exit 32.

The assignment itself wasn’t too bad, after some initial adjustments.  It probably helped that this was one of the easier worksites I will be going to over the course of this project.  There’s definitely something to be said for starting out easy 🙂  I finished up around 1:30 and had an easy time getting home, not surprising for that hour.  One thing I found out is that I will not be working nights starting in mid-September,as I had thought.  Instead I’ll be working normal hours, locations to be determined but probably not excessively far.

For the first time in too long I did a leg session at the gym on Monday evening, albeit one with machines.  I started with a Hoist moveable-seat leg extension machine, 4 x 8 with a resistance of 11 out of 18.  Next came Life Fitness leg curls, 3 x 8 x 185.  To end the session I used a plate-loaded squat machine, which I must say was much easier than real squats, 8 x 270, 8 x 360, 2 x 8 x 450.


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