Tuesday, July 30 – Wednesday, July 31

South Shore = not bad

Both days’ assignments were on the South Shore, Tuesday’s in Nassau County several miles west of the Suffolk line and Wednesday’s in the westernmost part of Suffolk.  Neither day presented much of an issue in travel terms.  For Tuesday, I was unsure whether to take the Southern State Parkway or Sunrise Highway, but I decided on the latter because traffic can be very bad on the Southern State and using that route would require a bit of backtracking.  The downside of Sunrise Highway is that it ceases to be a limited access highway a few miles short of the county line, so to get to my worksite I’d have to deal with about ten miles of traffic lights.  I figured, however, that the lights are timed so that cars on Sunrise can travel at a pretty good clip, often having to stop at only every third or fourth light.  That’s exactly what happened to me, and the 40-mile trip took only about an hour.  As the day’s assignment was fairly easy, I finished up around 2:15, and therefore didn’t have to deal with rush hour traffic on the way home.  It actually took me a few minutes less than the morning’s trip – quite a change from my experience in Mount Vernon.  And no (obscene) tolls.

I was familiar with Wednesday’s worksite because I had spent most of the month of April working there.  In fact it was rather surprising that I had to go back so soon.  Once again I took the Sunrise, though this time I had to deal with only about two miles of the traffic-lighted section.  The downside is that the worksite was a good deal farther from the Sunrise than was the prior day’s location, and the 30-mile trip took me about 50 minutes, for a slightly slower pace than on Tuesday.  Still, that’s not bad, and even though I stayed until almost 3 there were no traffic issues getting home.

Gym: It was back to the rowing machine on Tuesday.  Once again I did 5,000 meters, this time taking 26:27, about 35 seconds faster than last time.
Wednesday was hot yoga, believe me I was glad to get back to it after having to miss last week.  The instructor decided to mix things up a bit and had us do some different poses (asanas, to use the correct term).  It went pretty well, my missing a week having had no apparent effects.  At one point the instructor demonstrated a highly advanced asana, which among other things involved wrapping her leg around her neck.  It was actually a bit frightening to watch, as I could not imagine my body being put in such a position without massive destruction of connective tissue 🙂

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