Monday, August 19 – Tuesday, August 20

Rectifying a mistake

Monday wasn’t a particularly good day at work.  While the worksite was conveniently close, not far away from my hot yoga studio in particular, the workday itself was more complicated than it should have been, due to some confusion involving several different parties as to what in particular had to be done and how it was to be accomplished (sorry for the vagueness).  Suffice to say that it took about nine hours to accomplish what could have been done in six or seven had there been no such confusion.  Fortunately, everything got squared away on Tuesday, and work went much more smoothly.

I can’t say that I was surprised at how things got all confused.  One thing I’ve learned in the working world is that when there are multiple parties involved with a task or project, especially when there’s no clear-cut rules as to whom is the final authority, confusion is likely to happen. Careful advance planning can reduce but not eliminate the risk.  What I am surprised about, in a pleasant sense, is how well things got straightened out in 24 hours.  People whom I thought might have resisted compromise were most agreeable to it.  Will wonders never cease …

I had a successful if not particularly diverse gym session on Tuesday.  All I did was trap bar deadlifts, though I did a lot of them and with steadily increasing weights: 3 x 6 x 235, 3 x 6 x 245, 6 x 245.  Forty-two total reps of deadlifts is a lot by anyone’s standards.  I’ve decided to do trap bar deadlifts in place of squats, partly because it’s often hard to find a free squat rack and partly because I simply like them a lot more.  While trap bar deadlifts are not a 100% substitute for squats, they’re at least a 90% substitute, which is fine for my purposes.

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