Wednesday, August 21 – Friday, August 23

Back into the gym mindset

Wednesday and Thursday were fairly low-pressure days at work.  I was just a few miles away from home on Wednesday, which was nice, while Thursday I drove east for about ten miles.  Definitely no traffic concerns either day.  Friday was a day off. On Wednesday I found out more information about the changed procedures I had encountered on Monday.  It was somewhat surprising to find out that things had been going wrong in the two prior weeks, though nothing that had been in my control or for which I had been responsible.  What’s surprising is that I had had no inkling of any such issues.  Usually, when something’s going wrong at work, I can sense it.  Not this time.  In any event, it doesn’t matter, as the new procedures are working just fine.

Wednesday evening’s yoga was a bit different, as the usual instructor wasn’t there and instead the owner of the studio conducted the session.  She’s much more into the metaphysical/spiritual aspects of yoga, and she’s (literally) a very hands-on instructor.  She physically pushed or pulled on several people in order to deepen their bends or stretches.  I was the subject of her ministrations on two occasions, and while it was a bit painful I did manage to stretch farther than I ever would have thought possible.

Thursday evening’s gym session was a bit different.  Not being much in the mood for conventional weight exercises, I did a lot – as in 7×10 – of sets of my homegrown medicine ball exercise, as usual with the 20-pound ball.  While I don’t know what an exercise expert would think about this exercise, I definitely can say that it really seems to work my shoulders.

On Friday, I was still in a mood to mix things up, so instead of doing barbell or dumbbell rows I used a Hoist brand movable-seat machine for back work.  I did 4 x 8 at a resistance level of 15 out of 19, and 2 x 8 at level 16.  It’s not an easy machine by any means, I was quite exhausted when I was done, so apparently it works.  I then did leg presses on another Hoist machine, 8 x 310, 8 x 330, 8 x 350 and 8 x 370.  This is definitely a tough machine, with the resistance (via weight stack) seeming much harder than equivalent weights on the plate-loaded 45 degree leg press.  In some ways it seemed almost as tough as doing squats.


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