Thursday, August 29 – Friday, August 30

Last-minute change

I thought that I’d be working only a few miles away on Thursday.  Having done so much driving to distant worksites I really appreciate the opportunity to work locally.  Alas, that did not happen.  When I got to the worksite I found out that I was being sent to another site about 25 miles to the east.  Getting there in a timely manner would be a struggle, but somehow I made it right on time.  It wouldn’t have mattered too much if I had been late, but I’ve got this visceral loathing of lateness.  Not just in work contexts, either; the concept of “fashionably late” has no meaning whatsoever to me.  Anyway, the work went well enough, though it wasn’t what I was particularly used to doing, and traffic was no trouble getting home.  I had had big plans for the gym on Thursday evening, unfortunately I lost my last reserves of energy by 6pm and couldn’t even think of going.

Friday was a day off from work, the start of what will be a four-day weekend what with Labor Day on Monday.  I went to the gym in the afternoon and had what turned out to be a pretty good session indeed.  Continuing with my machine-based theme, I started out on the same very challenging leg press I had done last outing.  I upped the weights over last time, doing 8 x 330, 8 x 350, 8 x 370, 8 x 390, 2 x 8 x 410.  Let me tell you, it was very tough indeed getting through the last couple of reps!  Next I used the Hoist moving-seat row machine that I’ve been using lately, 6 x 8 at resistance level 15 of 18.  I hope to hit the top level on that machine soon.  To end the session I did some dips,which I’ve decided to do instead of bench presses for a while, just to see how it works out: 8 x bodyweight, 2 x 8 x bodyweight + 10.

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