Tuesday, September 3 – Thursday, September 5

Last week of the project

I had thought that my current work project would end next week, but it turned out that this week would be the end.  Starting next week I’ll be rotating among eight worksites on a two-week cycle, Monday through Thursday, with Fridays spent catching up on any uncompleted tasks.  My specific tasks will change every two weeks, which should help stave off any boredom.  I did this sort of work for a couple of months around the end of last year, and more recently have done it on a fill-in basis.  It’s decent work, so I’m happy.  There also won’t be much driving, which is good considering that my car has almost 150,000 miles on it.

Tuesday and Thursday were fairly uneventful days.  Both of the worksites were about 30 minutes away, though not too close to one another.  As Tuesday’s location was close to being due east, I had some relatively minor traffic issues on the Long Island Expressway in the afternoon.  Nothing too bad, it was only about 3:30, but I knew that in an hour or so the road would be a nightmare.  Thursday’s site was in a less-trafficked location and driving was no issue at all.

Wednesday was rather more amusing.  The worksite was in Hempstead, in central Nassau County.  It took me about 45 minutes to get there, via Expressway–>Northern State Parkway–>Meadowbrook Parkway.  Traffic was starting to pick up on the Northern State, at about 6:30 in the morning, but I reached my exit before it got too bad.  Not long after arriving at the worksite, however, I found out that due to circumstances entirely beyond my control I wouldn’t be able to do anything.  After a couple of calls I got reassigned to a site about ten miles east of me, I’d been there a couple weeks ago in fact, which meant a long drive from Hempstead.  I figured that my best bet would be the Southern State Parkway to Sunrise Highway, I’d probably be able to make it in a little over an hour.

That’s what I thought. It was more difficult getting to the Southern State that I had expected – and let me tell you, Hempstead is not Long Island’s high rent district – and then I made the very unwelcome discovery that eastbound traffic on the Southern State is at a near-standstill during morning rush hour.  Westbound traffic, which is supposed to be the peak direction in the morning, was moving much better.  Who knew?  Thankfully, the maritime route came to the rescue: I took the Meadowbrook south to Ocean Parkway, and took that east into Suffolk County, where I got the Robert Moses Causeway to Sunrise Highway.  All in all it took me about an hour and ten minutes, I am reasonably sure that staying on the Southern State would have taken much longer even though it would have been several miles shorter.

Gym: I was too weary to go on Tuesday.  Wednesday was hot yoga, a surprisingly empty session.  I was one of just eight people in attendance, a third of the usual number.  It was a pretty good session, one tip the instructor had told me after the session last week really came in handy – when doing kneeling poses, I doubled up the mat to provide more cushioning for my knees.  I went to the gym quite late on Thursday.  I did 7 x 10 of my usual medicine ball routine with the 20-pound ball, and then used the Hoist moveable-seat row machine to do 7 x 8 at resistance level 17 of 18.  Pretty nice, another session or two and I should be at the machine’s maximum capacity.

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