Thursday, September 12 – Friday, September 13

More than just a taste

Thursday’s worksite was about 15 miles away, off of Exit 56 on the Long Island Expressway and then north on County Route 111.  I left home around 7:15, figuring I’d have no trouble making it there for 8.  Well, I was wrong, or at least almost wrong.  Right after I got on the Expressway traffic locked up tighter than a drum.   It was rush hour traffic par excellence.  By the time I made it to the exit it was almost 7:40, and the ordeal still wasn’t over.  Route 111 has quite a few traffic lights, including a brutal one at the intersection with Route 347 in Hauppague, and of course I got all of them red.  I finally made it to the worksite just at eight.  Even though being late would have had no adverse consequences, I just hate to be late for anything.  On a better note, the workday went well, and I had no particular trouble getting home.  Friday was a day off, so no traffic issues then.

I had decent gym sessions on both Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, I started out with my home-grown medicine ball exercise, 5 x 10 with the 20-pound ball, and then used the Hoist movable seat row machine, 4 x 8 at resistance level 17 of 18.  I would have stayed longer, but got too worn out too fast.

On Friday, I continued with back work, doing 2 x 8 on the same machine, once again at level 17 or 18, and after that went back to an old friend, namely one-arm dumbbell rows, for 2 x 8 x 100/100.  I also did dips, and plenty of them: 8 x bodyweight, 3 x 8 x bodyweight + 10, 2 x 8 x bodyweight.  While I had planned beforehand to do some leg work, a bit of soreness in my left knee (most likely from Wednesday’s hot yoga) made me reconsider.


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