Monday, September 16 – Tuesday, September 17

Heading north is fun

My worksites both these days were several miles to the north of me and within a few miles of each other.  Driving north in the morning was pleasant.  While the main traffic pattern in my part of  Long Island is westbound in the morning and eastbound in the afternoon, there is also very heavy traffic on the main north-south roads.  In those areas north of the Long Island Expressway, which does not run along the midpoint of the island but is well to the south, the traffic flow is south in the morning and north in the afternoon.

This pattern can be seen very starkly on Nichols Road, county road no. 83, which is a sort-of-highway that runs almost from Long Island Sound in the north to the ocean in the south.  It so happened that I drove north on Nichols each morning to get to the worksites.  While I won’t say that traffic in my direction was light, among other things the Stony Brook college campus and medical center are near the road’s northern terminus so many people were going my way, it was nothing whatsoever like the stop-and-go misery that southbound drivers were experiencing.   It reminded me more than a little of driving eastbound on the Expressway in the morning.  Monday’s return trip was similarly easy, with traffic clearly starting to build in the opposite direction.  Tuesday I took a back route home.

Gym: I didn’t go on Monday, but I had a nice session on Tuesday.  Dips: 8 x bodyweight, 3 x 8 x bodyweight + 15, 8 x bodyweight.  Next time I’ll add 25 pounds.  Hoist moveable-seat leg press: 8 x 390, 8 x 410, 8 x 430, 8 x 450, 2 x 8 x 330. When I did the two cooldown sets at 330 I moved the seat closer to the weight plate, to increase the range of motion and make the exercise generally more difficult.

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