Wednesday, September 18 – Thursday, September 19

Same spot

While my current work involves going to a new worksite every day, on a 2-week cycle, on both of these days I was at the same location.  I’m not sure if this will be an ongoing thing each cycle.  Probably not, as some of the work that should have been completed the previous cycle didn’t get done, and it was necessary to do some catch-up.  Whatever the case, I’m hardly about to complain, as this location is only about a ten-minute drive from me.  It meant that I could get up at a nice civilized time rather that at some barbaric predawn hour.  Of course, there’s a downside; my company pays very nicely for travel time, but the clock starts running only after the first 30 minutes spent going to or from the worksite.  Close locations like this mean no travel pay.

Not that I should grip, as the work went pretty well each day, especially on Thursday when I finished up over two hours earlier than usual.  That will not mean less pay than usual, given the way it’s computed.  I also had the chance to do some work of a type that I haven’t done in over a year, which was nice.  Helps keep one’s skills from getting rusty.

Wednesday’s hot yoga session was very good.  My flexibility seems to have increased, and while my balance is still lagging it’s shown some definite improvement.  A couple of times I was able to hold a one-legged pose for the full duration of the movement.  The regular instructor was back, and after the session she told me that I had done well.  Nothing like a little positive reinforcement!  On Thursday it was off to the gym, I did my medicine-ball exercise, 7 x 10 with a 20-pound ball.  I may not be an exercise expert, but I believe I stumbled across something pretty useful when I devised this exercise.

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