Thursday, September 26 – Friday, September 27

A bit of frustration

Thursday wasn’t a bad day at work, even though it was at one of the busier locations. For once everything went smoothly and I finished up right on time.  As getting to the location would involve dealing with some rush hour Expressway traffic, it’s off of Exit 57, and then a drive on regular streets through some busy areas, I left about 15 minutes earlier than usual.  Two weeks ago I left at my normal time of 7 to get to this location and just barely made it by 8.  Today I left at 6:45 and was at the worksite in under 30 minutes.  In part it was due to reasonably decent Expressway traffic, and in part because I had fantastic luck at a couple of usually brutal traffic lights.  All in all it was a real mood-booster!

Friday, however, was a bit frustrating.  During the week I found out about this special project I will be doing in addition to my normal duties.  It’s not too time-consuming, I have to complete work at 18 sites by the end of October and it shouldn’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes per site, but I will be making a nice bit of money for each site visit.  When I made arrangements via phone and e-mail with the project supervisor, she told me that I could get started as soon as I got a confirmation e-mail from the home office.  This was on Wednesday, and she said the e-mail would be coming very soon.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come by Friday, which meant that I wasn’t able to get started on site visits.  Now, I have more than ample time to complete all the required visits, so having to do Friday’s hoped-for visits at a later date really won’t cramp my schedule or reduce my total pay, but I was all set to get started and more than a bit frustrated at having to wait.

Gym: Not a bad session on Thursday.  I did 5 x 10 of my medicine-ball exercise with the 20-pound ball and 4 x 8 of bodyweight dips.  I finished up with the movable-set leg press machine, 8 x 350, 8 x 370, 8 x 390, 8 x 410, 8 x 430.  All of these were with the plate at the closer setting for greater range of motion.

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