Saturday, September 28 – Sunday, September 29

Another mostly do-nothing weekend.  I’ve started reading a new book on my phone’s Kindle app, Command and Control by Eric Schlosser.  He’s an investigative journalist who wrote Fast Food Nation about a decade ago.  The new book is a lengthy but never dull tale of nuclear weapons in the United States.  It’s not told from a political or moral standpoint but instead deals with the issues of safety and procedures for use.  He goes on quite a bit about the many accidents involving nuclear weapons, which seems scary until you realize that there’s never actually been an accidental detonation.  Possibly the most amusing, or perhaps surrealistic, part involves the “Davy Crockett,” which was basically a bazooka that fired a very small atomic warhead.  Its range was so limited that the soldiers who fired it were at risk of getting fried in the explosion.  Anyway, it’s a captivating read, and at almost 700 pages I won’t be finishing it anytime soon.

I went to the gym on Saturday and did some back work, one-arm dumbbell rows to be specific: 6 x 8 x 100/100.  Next time I’ll probably move up to the 105’s.  On Sunday I didn’t go to the gym, but for the first time in a number of weeks went to the Buddhist meditation session at the yoga center.

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