Wednesday, October 2 – Thursday, October 3

It could hardly have been any easier

To say that work was easy these two days would be a huge understatement.  I was at the same worksite both days, as scheduled, but it turned out that the amount of tasks I had to do took no more than about four hours.  In other words, I was done with all of the assigned duties by lunchtime on Wednesday.  With a full day and a half to do.  As I don’t like having nothing to do, this wasn’t a welcome prospect.  Fortunately, after making a couple of calls I was able to come up with more tasks, which kept me reasonably busy for the rest of Wednesday and most of Friday.  Another thing I found out when talking to the supervisor is that the workload is likely to get much heavier after the first of the year.  I didn’t think my sort of work varies much by season, but to some extent it does.

I finished reading Command and Control.  Its end came as a bit of a surprise, because according to my phone’s Kindle app I was just about at the 50% mark when it ended.  What happened is that the lengthy bibliography and footnote section somehow counts as much more in the app’s percentage-of-completion calculations as does ordinary text.   I can’t say I’m sorry, really, as the story had been starting to drag just a bit.  All in all, I’d give it a B+.

Wednesday evening’s hot yoga was a bit different from usual.  Even though I got to the studio almost a half-hour prior to the start of the session almost all the rear spaces were taken, and I had to set up my mat in the front row.  In the three or so months I’ve been going I’ve only been in front once before.  It turned out well.  Being right in front of the mirror definitely helped my balance.  I had a much closer-up view and there were fewer distractions.  All in all, it was a very good session.

At the gym on Thursday I decided to try something different,  After doing my medicine-ball routine, 6 x 10 with the 20-pound ball, I had planned to do one-arm dumbbell rows.  Unfortunately, doing this exercise requires the use of a flat bench, and all three of the flat benches in the dumbbell area were in use by people who didn’t look as if they’d be going anywhere anytime soon.  Rather than wait, I decided to try something different, and did the one-arm rows on one of the cable stations.  I’ve rarely used cable stations and never before for rows.  All I can say is that the rows were much tougher than I had expected, though I was able to complete 5 x 10 on each arm I couldn’t set the resistance level any higher than 11 out of 16.  Still, the exercise seemed to hit my back pretty hard, and doing something different on occasion is always a good idea.  Next time I’ll try for the resistance level of 12 out of 16.

Finally, after seeing a diagram on the cable station about deadlifts, I decided to give them a try.  It was maybe a waste, it’s hard to say, as even at the maximum resistance the deadlifts were pretty easy.  I did 6 x 10, figuring the high volume would do some good.   I really should get back to deadlifts, I’ve been awfully lazy about them, but next time it would be better to stick with the tried-and-true trap bar.

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